10 best free games for Hp touchpad android tablet


You are seeking qualitative games for your new Hp touchpad android tablet with Android Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS)? It would be difficult to find out a satisfactory game in a sea of games on Google Play. For this reason, hptouchpadandroid.net feels pleasure to introduce to you 10 best games which has been optimized for Android tablets. These games are available and free on Google Play Store where you can download them via the link below each game.

1. Angry Bird in Space (Market link)

Angry Bird in Space

It is unnecessary to say any more about Angry Bird that is the most popular game on mobile devices recently. In this new version, eggs were stolen by a giant claw from space. Angry Birds chase into a black hole and saw him floating in a galaxy surrounded by spatial pigs. Fortunately, Angry Birds have their own supernatural powers …

Angry Birds space has 60 levels with a lot of new features such as non-gravity space, new strength, new birds, beautiful and new interface … Game looks great on the big screen of the tablet android 4.0 ICS. You can download and install for free here:

2. Temple Run (Market link)

Temple Run

One of the most popular games on Android. Temple Run is a light and great game for entertainment. You steal the cursed idol from the temple, and then you have to run away to escape the Demon Monkeys.
Game tests your reflexes when you race down ancient temple’s walls and along the steep cliffs. Swipe to turn, jump and slide to avoid obstacles, collect coins and power up items, unlock new characters…

3. Racing Moto (Market link)

Racing Moto

You are looking for a simple fast-paced game to relax and pass the time? Racing Moto is a great choice. Racing Moto is a fast-paced game, you can never drive too fast in the real world, but now you can be satisfied by the Android tablet. Moreover, you also enjoy the beautiful scene from city to desert or mountain … in the journey. Sinking to one side to adjust the direction and hold on the screen to speed up.

4. Draw Something by OMGPOP (Market link)

Draw Something by OMGPOP

One of the most popular games in the genre of drawing and guessing on android. Draw Something is a great game to play and relax gently with your friends and family. In the game, two players draw respectively their drawings on a computer screen for illustrating guess word to others to guess the word which you want to mention. The painter will be provided 3 random words which ranked from basic to expert you will probably get 1 or 3 coins if you correctly guess.
Light game will give you some fun moments with family and friends.

5. iRunner (Market link)


iRunner is a fast-paced game with great HD graphics, fun characters and scenery will give you happy moments of relaxation. During game, you have to control Mr.i run as quickly as possible to the mysterious destination, you need to have quick reflexes and sight to be able to avoid obstacles, attempt to collect pin as many as possible.

6. Cordy (Market link)


One of the best games which reviewed by the developers on the android market applications. Cordy is a little robot with a big job to strengthen his world! Help Cordy run, jump, push, pull, lift, throw back, swing, and hover to handle. Game has fun and beautiful 3D images will give you great experience with tiny robot guy.

7. aTilt 3D Labyrinth (Market link)

10 best free games for Hp touchpad android tablet

10 best free games for Hp touchpad android tablet

A simple game based on the real physical movement of the ball. You need to incline your tablet to handle the ball run after the maze avoiding the holes and obstacles to reach the final destination. aTilt possesses 258 levels, you can also create and share their own game for your friends. It is simple but very interesting to help you pass the time quickly.

8. Pocket Legends (Market link)

Pocket Legends

If you are a fan of the world of warcraft, I’d be sure that you will love this game. Pocket Legends is a free online game for multiplayer. MMPRPG, it is a genre of role-playing game, its appearance has become a hit on the iPad then rapidly increases for android devices. You will become a bear, eagle or elf to fight for delivering Alterrafrom zombies, crocodile, aliens … Playing online with your friends in fast-paced Co-Op or challenge PVP.

9. Six Guns (Market link)

Six Guns

Six guns is a 3rd view shooter game has got the theme of the western cowboy, along with Six Guns you will have the opportunity to adventure with funny cowboy against the forces of ancient evil who attempt to appropriate the beautiful land …

10. Muffin Knight (Market link)

Muffin Knight

A fun game with fun pictures of the characters in fairy. Each character has its own strength and ability which will be discovered in our adventure. The story relates that the boy is on a journey to find the magic cake for the world. But there is a curse that when touching the cake you will be turned into various fairy characters. He will only be able to return into his original shape if it is possible to find and gather enough cake…

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